Shoe Hoodies® are a brand new product to keep your toes warm and dry during cold or wet weather, and they are made from premium ski jacket polyester. Design Patent No. D778,550.

Shoe Hoodies® are affixed to the toe box of your shoe with Adhesive Loop, for easy installation in inclement weather and removal when you do not need them. Shoe Hoodies® were an idea conceived out a clear necessity for anyone who is tired of chilly and damp toes! No more duct tape and no more plastic baggies around your feet!  They are a solution for practical people who simply do not like cold and wet feet while outside in the imperfect elements. Shoe Hoodies® are made for ultra-marathoners to walkers, and everyone in between.

They are available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes (according to your shoe size on the below chart) and fit any running shoe model.

Size Womens
Small 5-9.5   -
Medium 10-11+ 7-8.5
Large   - 9-11.5
Extra Large   - 12+

Please email us directly at for further inquires. We enjoy hearing from our Shoe Hoodies® users and from those that are interested in learning more!