Here is what people have to say about Shoe Hoodies®

"I have used Shoe Hoodies in very cold windy weather, snow (with Yak Trax), rain, and cold rain. They are great! I am a New Englander through and through, and the only part of me that ever seems affected by the cold are my feet. Well, no more! I ran a race when the "Real Feel" temp was -8°F. with a bitter wind and my feet were plenty warm- no numbness or pain. My rainy run was much more comfortable as my feet were nice and dry- no squishy socks or blisters. I think they are a great investment, and I have had MANY questions about them!" -Meghan
"How do you keep your toes warm for a marathon in 20mph winds, rain and sleet? Shoe Hoodies!! It was cold and miserable conditions for my entire race and my Shoe Hoodies held up. Warm and dry toes, no blisters and a PR all thanks to Shoe Hoodies." -LeAnh
“I have used them for my Boston Marathon training. I wear them when the temps fall below freezing to allow me to still use my vented summer running shoes and block the airflow in. They work great.” -Darin

“I am loving my Shoe Hoodies!!! I actually ran with them last week in 20 degree weather through snow and puddles. My toes didn't get cold once. Love, love, love your product!! I've  recommended these to my running friends here in South and North Dakota :)” -Jessica

“I love my Shoe Hoodies. I began to shy away from running outdoors when the weather got cold.  I swear my feet get colder than everyone else's feet. So, I thought I'd give Shoe Hoodies a try. WOW! They are phenomenal. They stop that wind chill factor that you don't even know is there until the temperatures dip. I LOVE them so much… I bought some for another friend for her birthday and she LOVES them. You will find her HAPPILY running outside almost daily now. Another huge bonus is they keep my socks dry when it's raining or there are puddles out there. I walk my dog a couple times a day and I am now a happy camper thanks to Shoe Hoodies. Awesome Product!!!” -Patty

“I have been using my Shoe Hoodies and love love love them!!  It has been very cold (teens), windy and snowy.  They have kept my toes toasty in all situations mentioned :) Finally able to run without cold toes! So very happy!” -Suzanne

“I love them! I wish I had them when it was -20 as I've found they add quite a bit of warmth. I have poor circulation so that was an added benefit. I have worn them in the slush and cold only. Stayed dry and warm, so I'm out of excuses to not run. The adhesive has come a little loose but that's an easy fix. I will definitely recommend them to other winter runners.” -Allie

“They are great. I use them mostly in the rain and snow. Thanks!” -Katie
"I really like my Shoe Hoodies! I wear them on both pair of my running shoes (trail and road) when outdoors. And like being able to take them off when in the indoor track or treadmill. I mostly wear them on my trail shoes and run on everything from snow covered streets to ice and snow covered snowmobile trails." -John
"I've been wearing my Shoe Hoodies and they've been the talk of several group runs. I run with the MDRA polar bear group during the winter and on the cold days people were definitively taking notice. The Shoe Hoodies's have been working great, keeping the winter chill out. I have Raynaud's and my feet and hands get very cold. I've been using them all the time on runs when the temps are under 40. Probably only need them when it's less than 30, but I don't mind keeping my feet comfortable. I've used them in runs up to 17 miles. As I told one of your reps at the TCM expo, I'd been thinking about something similar for years. I'm glad someone finally productized the idea!" -Kurt
"I want to report that the Shoe Hoodies work great on racing snowshoes.  I use my normal running shoes, and in the past my toes would get soaked from melting snow.  Nice light shoes, but mesh tops are asking for trouble.  The Shoe Hoodies on front and trail gaiters on back are keeping me warm and dry." -Fran
"I was given the opportunity to try out this great new product that helps keep your feet warm and dry during cold winter runs. I LOVE my Shoe Hoodies. As someone who has bad circulation in their hands and feet, I am typically in pain during many winter runs. Shoe Hoodies solved this problem for me. My runs with Shoe Hoodies have honestly kept my feet completely dry and warm throughout the miles. I have gone out of my way to run through puddles, slush and snow, and Shoe Hoodies worked perfectly!" -@Running_HQ
"I just got back from my first "winter" run of the season. Every so often, a product comes along that becomes such an integral part of my running, and I feel like I would be lost without it. While I was out today, I realized that I feel this way about my Shoe Hoodies! I even thought that maybe I should buy a lifetime supply just in case. So please don't ever stop making Shoe Hoodies!" -Brenda

"I have been using the Shoe Hoodies and am pleased with how much the fabric blocks the cold air and moisture. In the past three years since moving to Minnesota I've used duct tape which works until it gets wet and falls off. This winter in Minnesota the weather has been quite a bit drier but I have no doubt going into Spring I'll get a chance to test how they work in wetter conditions. I found out about Shoe Hoodies from another runner while waiting to start one of the races at the Polar Dash in St. Paul on New Year's Day, and they are a great product for runners in this area of the country. I'm originally from the East coast and think these will also do well for the rainy, winter conditions there." -Deborah

"I have had the opportunity to use Shoe Hoodies and the experience has been great thus far! I definitely plan on always having a set or two on hand for my “rain & snow shoes” and my trail shoes. I’ve used them in wind, cold, and extreme cold (below zero). I haven’t used them in rain yet but I plan to. I found Shoe Hoodies in the electronic packet for the 2015 Twin Cities marathon and also stopped by the booth at the expo to take a look in person. After that I ordered a set online and have been very pleased... Also, they performed flawlessly at Frozen Events Night 5k and Frozen Events Half Marathon last February when it was below zero!" -Jim

Shoe Hoodies travel around the world: "I love my Shoe Hoodies... We will be running the Antarctica Marathon in February (2017) so my Shoe Hoodies will definitely be going along." -Shelia

"I’m very happy with this purchase, well worth the investment, I ran throughout the winter with them.  I hate running on the treadmill so unless the roads were icy slick or extremely slushy I was on the road with my hoodies.  We live in a rural area so snowplowing is a second thought and the roads are never clear to the blacktop.  I really appreciated that I could still wear my thin smartwool socks and not thicker warmer socks.  My feet stayed warm in single-digit weather sometimes with gusty winds.  My only complaint was that I lost the “breath-ability” of my shoes and in the beginning I had wet feet due to sweating.  I adjusted my other clothing to compensate which seemed to help a little.  But even with damp socks my feet were still warm.  I was surprised how well the Velcro held up.  I used the same strips/shoes for the entire winter and only one strip of the Velcro was beginning to come loose this spring – but it was warming up anyway and they weren’t needed anymore." -Dee

"I wore Shoe Hoodies all winter - cold, rain, snow, sleet, wind. They helped keep my feet warm and dry through it all.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone living in an area with cold weather conditions."  -Kelly  

"I purchased my Shoe Hoodies this fall at the TC Marathon Expo (2015) and I have used them all winter long.  I used to do the old duct tape over the shoes to keep the cold out and the tape always fell off about 2 miles in.  Once I put the Shoe Hoodies on my shoes, I haven't had to worry about them falling off or about cold toes on my long runs.  I have put about 150 miles on them in all conditions. If you are a winter runner, Shoe Hoodies are a must have."  -Dan

"I'm a marathoner, and I live in South Dakota. I have Raynaud's syndrome in my feet, so keeping them warm while running in the winter has been a challenge. I've tried multiple pairs of socks, putting plastic in my shoes, and covering my shoes with duct tape. Nothing worked. I was starting to think about trail shoes, but I didn't want to buy shoes that I would only wear occasionally. Then I found Shoe Hoodies! Shoe Hoodies have kept my feet toasty on long runs all winter. Sometimes my feet get a little too warm, which is no problem since I can just take the Shoe Hoodies off and put them in my pocket. I love my Shoe Hoodies!"  -Brenda

"I really like my Shoe Hoodies! I haven't used them a ton, as I typically don't run when the outdoor conditions are bad, but the times that I have worn my shoes with the Shoe Hoodies on them have been great. I've ran with them in snowy conditions, and my shoes and feet remained dry. I'll be anxious to see how they hold up during my runs in the summer rain!"  -Mariah

"Warm, dry feet are happy feet and that's what you get with Shoe Hoodies. Now lets go out for a run."  -RunBill

"When I first tried them in the rain, I was not expecting the Shoe Hoodies to work as well as they did. My feet were totally, completely dry! I expected the Shoe Hoodies to keep my feet mostly dry, as it was raining pretty hard, so they definitely exceeded my expectations. I have put a LOT of miles in the rain (as I don't belong to a gym), and I have tried lots of techniques to keep my feet dry, including plastic bags over my shoes... Shoe Hoodies were PERFECT in these conditions and will make me love running in the rain even more… All in all, I LOVE the product -- it's a brilliant solution to a problem runners deal with regularly!!"  -Kelsey

Did you use the Shoe Hoodies? "Yes, all the time, I need one for each pair of shoes, I use them not just for walking, but also in the yard or anyplace where the grass/ground may be wet."  -Ann

"I frequently travel for work, and I never know what the weather will be like.  I love that I can easily pack my Shoe Hoodies and take them on and off as needed."  -Jason
"Being from the Midwest, the weather is not always perfect for outdoor running and events.  I love signing up for fun runs - often far in advance of the actual race date.  I always bring my Shoe Hoodies with me when I am running for an important cause, walking for Alzheimer's, being chased by zombies, or jumping through a wipeout muddy obstacle course!  I would definitely recommend Shoe Hoodies to my friends and family!"  -Lis