FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Shoe Hoodies?

A. Shoe Hoodies were invented to keep the toes of outdoor enthusiasts comfortable during cold, rainy and windy weather.  Before selling our product online we had a team of 30 testers try Shoe Hoodies and give us their feedback from their experiences.  Our tester team, ranging from casual walkers to dedicated ultrarunners, put their Shoe Hoodies to the test during inclement weather.  Based on our testers suggestions, we have improved and fine-tuned our product to bring you the most effective and durable design.  Shoe Hoodies can be utilized for a wide variety of outdoor activities. Some of our customers have also paired their Shoe Hoodies with other outdoor accessories, such as shoe traction gear and snowshoes, for their winter adventures!

Q. What is the difference between the Shoe Hoodies that sell for $12 and the ones that sell for $22?

A. The nine new Shoe Hoodies colors that are $22 feature the latest upgrades and enhancements that were improved upon from our user feedback.  The vast majority of our customers purchase the new $22 Shoe Hoodies models, because they have rounded corners for a superior fit around the toe box of your shoe, and boast a reflective logo for better visibility and safety. Our newer models also include two adhesive loop strip colors (black and white), to better unify the colorization of your own running shoe. Our original 2015 models are $12.


Q. Do you sell Shoe Hoodies in retail stores?

A. We currently have one retail store selling Shoe Hoodies and will keep you updated as we continue to expand.  The best way to purchase Shoe Hoodies is from our website www.shoehoodies.net.  Please contact us directly at shoehoodies@gmail.com for any stock inquiries.

Q. Why did my adhesive loop strip come off?

A.  Several things can contribute to the adhesive loop strip coming off:

- A minimum of 24 hours should be allowed for adhesive curing time.
- Shoe edges must be cleaned before the adhesive strip is applied.  Even new shoes should be cleaned to remove any factory oil/residue.
- When cleaning your shoe DO NOT USE ALCOHOL BASED CLEANERS. Soap and water will do.
- Your hands may have some dirt or oil residue on them that transfer to the adhesive. Try not to handle the adhesive part before application.
- Every running shoe has a different texture on the side of the shoes sole. The textures can create gaps in the adhesive adhering to the sole. It is our recommendation you cut the adhesive strips length wise, about 3/8", to better cover the texture inconsistencies your shoes may have.


Q: Are Shoe Hoodies Patented?

A: Yes! Design Patent No. D778,550