Shoe Hoodies® v1.0
Shoe Hoodies® v1.0
Shoe Hoodies® v1.0

Shoe Hoodies® v1.0

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Turn Running shoes into Winter Running Shoes with Shoe Hoodies®, a product to keep your toes warm and dry during cold or wet weather.  Shoe Hoodies® are affixed to the toe box of your shoe with Adhesive Loop, for easy installation in inclement weather and removal when you do not need them. Shoe Hoodies® were an idea conceived out a clear necessity for anyone who is tired of chilly and damp toes!

You are viewing our 2015 Shoe Hoodies® here, available in Red, Blue and Black.  Be sure to check out our NEW colors which have an enhanced design.  Our NEW Shoe Hoodies® are improved with rounded corners, reflective paint, and includes two strips of Adhesive Loop.

Shoe Hoodies® are available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes and will fit any running shoe model.  Keep your toes warm during winter runs!   Helps keep toes dry in the rain!  

Please email us directly at for further inquires. 

Size Womens Mens
Small 5-9.5   -
Medium 10-11+ 7-8.5
Large   - 9-11.5
Extra Large   - 12+